Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why do people leave theaters before the "easter egg?"

OK, so I finally saw Iron Man. I won't go into how good it was, most of you saw it already. (I think I mentioned that Real Life has reared its very ugly head lately.)

As usual, most people rush for the exits the minute the credits start rolling. There is only one problem. This movie, like so many has an "easter egg" at the end of the credits, which is more than worth the few minutes it takes to acknowledge all the people who made the movie possible. Aren't you interested in what Avi Arad might be up to? (Look at that link for a list of his projects.)

A cameo by Samuel L. Jackson? A hint at a future Avengers Movie? None of that interests you?

I guess you're in a hurry to get to back home.

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