Monday, July 07, 2008

After "Going Crazy" with Pool Cue, Guy Gets Killed

Mesa Neighbor shoots, kills man wielding pool cue - Phoenix Arizona His girlfriend called police at 11 PM saying he was "going crazy." Police heard several shots as they approached the area.

Seems this guy had gone outside, and apparently threatened a neighbor.
According to the initial investigation, the [dead guy] was at his girlfriend's house when he grabbed a billiards stick and started hitting things in the residence.

He went outside and continued to cause a disturbance, according to Mesa police.

The neighbor went outside and was confronted by the man with the stick.

That's when police believe the victim started running toward the homeowner.

The homeowner was on his own property and armed with a gun. The homeowner shot the man as he came toward him, according to Mesa police.
They are leaving open the option of charging the homeowner, but if this description is accurate, it sounds like self-defense to me. Being attacked with (or without) a pool cue sounds like a threat of grave bodily injury.

Self-defense is a human right.

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