Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad Day for Home Invaders

MyFox Tampa Bay | Resident shoots, kills masked home invader This guy struggled with an armed intruder, and turned the tables on the miscreant.
Police say the burglar dropped his gun during the struggle, and Donaldson picked it up and shot and killed him.
Neighbors are neither shocked nor feeling bad.
"What goes around comes around," said neighbor Peggy Davis, "I have no sympathy for burglars."
And even in Pennsylvania, home invaders are having a bad time. Intruder shot by homeowner in critical condition | AP | 07/18/2008
The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says 31-year-old Eric Tucker of Lakewood was shot by an elderly man who confronted him when he broke in through a kitchen window around 5 a.m. Friday.
I'm still waiting for someone on the Left to explain to me how an elderly person is supposed to defend themselves from a young criminal. And in this case there were 3 criminals - one was shot, two others were arrested. Without access to legal firearm, this law-abiding man would have been at the mercy of these thugs.

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