Thursday, July 17, 2008

Man Kills Bear - Authorities Hope to Charge Him

7/17/2008 - TWRA Investigates Bear Killed by Homeowner - Outdoors - And this wasn't any random bear.
The man told officers that the bear was threatening his family and goats he had on his property. Tennessee law does allow people to kill wild animals that are threatening lives, or destroying property. However officers continue to investigate, including further interviews with the homeowner, to determine the exact circumstances, and whether or not charges are warranted.
Because that's what they do - they charge people. They don't search for Justice. They charge people. They are probably reviewed on whether or not they charge (and convict) enough people in a given time.

What you do if a bear was threatening your family? Me? I wouldn't shoot it with a .22, that's for certain.

Not that bears threatening people is unimaginable. It is easy to imagine.
Many bears have been relocated from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Big South Fork Wilderness Area which lies about 60 miles north of Bledsoe County. However young male bears often roam in search of new territory.
But allowing citizens to take action without relying on the state? Do we really want that kind of society.

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