Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Motive in Shooting?

Powell man charged with murder in church shooting : Knoxville News Sentinel The news reports I have seen on this keep saying things like "no motive was immediately available." You can't think of any reason that what is today a religious minority might be targeted? I can.
[T]he Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church was a strong proponent of gay rights in the community.
And if you don't think that is a strong enough motive for hate, consider the following.
Both Unitarianism and Universalism trace their origins to Christian Protestantism and thus Unitarian Universalism has its historical roots in the Christian faith. But by the time they decided to combine their efforts at the continental level, the theological significance of these terms had expanded beyond the traditional Christian understanding. ... Although Unitarian Universalist congregations and fellowships tend to retain some Christian traditions, ... they do not necessarily identify themselves as Christians nor do they necessarily subscribe to Christian beliefs. [my emphasis Z-Deb.]
So a gay-friendly, not-quite-Christian religion is attacked, and no one can come with "hate" as a motive. I guess they don't want to jump to conclusions.

Though it appears that the congregation was disarmed - I don't know if this was by default or by law - at least people did not behave as sheep when confronted with this atrocity. One man was a true hero
"Greg McKendry stood in the front of the gunman and took the blast to protect the rest of us," witness Barbara Kemper said.

"Make sure everyone knows that Greg McKendry was a hero, a total hero," Taylor Bessette said of the man who has been his foster father just a few months.
and others reacted heroically.
Bohstedt and Terry Uselton, jumped on the gunman and restrained him.
I think in the next few days we will find that there is a motive of hate behind this crime.

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