Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't Insult Police

FBI Launches Probe into Southwick Man's Death Boston cops investigating Boston cops may not be the best path to justice, so the FBI will conduct their own investigation.

This guy stopped breathing and died. Apparently due to brain damage. His crime? He was drinking a beer in public after the Celtics won the NBA championship. He wasn't in the middle of riot - that was going on elsewhere (or the revelry if not a riot).

Boston PD is keeping quiet "until its internal investigation is complete."

Of course the family has a few questions. Kin cite officers' delay in their report on death - The Boston Globe. Those questions are unlikely to get answered.
A lawyer representing the family of David Woodman questioned yesterday why all nine Boston police officers who were present when the 22-year-old was arrested and stopped breathing while in custody during the Celtics title celebration immediately went to the hospital for stress, leaving a superior who arrived at the scene later to write the incident report.

"Was that a way for them to have some time before they spoke to their superiors about what happened?" asked Howard Friedman, a Boston lawyer who represents the parents of Woodman
No, that doesn't sound like a cover-up to me; it just sounds like Boston's finest taking advantage of their excellent health-coverage.

I mean be fair, it would have taken a long time to write that incident report. Someone who wasn't even there could do a fine job, I'm sure. It's not like a few facts were going to change what was in that report anyway. Nothing to see here. Move along.

His real crime was not public drinking, it was making a smart-ass-comment to police.
Woodman, a Brookline resident, had just finished watching the Celtics game at a bar in Kenmore Square and was walking home with four friends when they passed a group of uniformed police officers at the Fenway and Brookline Avenue. One of his friends, who spoke to the Globe on the condition he not be named, said that as Woodman passed the officers, he said, "Wow, it seems like there's a lot of crime on this corner."

Woodman, who was carrying a cup of beer, was slammed to the ground by police and arrested, according to his friend. The friend said officers ordered Woodman's friends to leave or face arrest. Woodman was charged with public drinking and resisting arrest.
That's a capital offense in most jurisdictions.

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