Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So is this Green, or Not?

Gordon Brown wants to build 'at least' 8 nuclear power stations | Mail Online Britain doesn't really have much choice.

They currently get about 19 percent of their electric power from nuclear. Those plant are reaching the end of their lives and will be retired soon. Their coal generation will be shut down by environmental laws. So they have a choice to make.
  • Build Nukes, and be like France
  • Pay through the nose for oil and natural gas
  • Freeze in the dark
Now the UK is building wind power, but it isn't enough.

Does anyone currently using a computer want give up electricity? Pay electric bills that look like filling up your car?

Of course there are problems. What part of life is problem free exactly? Currently the UK is getting ready to deal with these reactors at the end of their life. £73 billion over 100 years.

I love the take of the environmentalists.
Environmental groups say consumers will have to pay much of it through their energy bills.
Who exactly should pay for the cost of producing electricity, if not the people who use electricity?

Wind and solar and batteries are such that in most places, if you want out of the system, you can install your own power generation. Right now it is still cheaper - mostly much cheaper - to rely on the power grid than it is to generate your own power. This is especially true if you want little things like refrigeration or air conditioning. But if you object to nuclear, you can opt out of the cost.

Some people can't do this, of course. Renters can't, and there are zoning boards to be dealt with, but the biggest impediment in the US is likely homeowner associations and covenants on the land. Put up a wind turbine - even a small one - where your neighbors can see it? Install solar hot water or photovoltaics on your roof? Most covenants will stop you from doing anything out of the ordinary. And then there are the insurance companies...

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