Monday, July 14, 2008

Talk About Ridiculous Illinois Gun Laws

So I had an afternoon off from the care-giver gig yesterday and wanted to go to the range, and practice and blow off some steam. I find shooting to be fairly relaxing because you have to concentrate on what you are doing and nothing else.

But the Peoples Republic of Illinois is protecting its citizens against me - or something.

You see it isn't possible for me to buy ammunition in the state of Illinois - or at least not hand gun ammo. (I could buy long-gun ammo if I had a non-resident hunting license.) What a load of dung.

So there you are. The state of Illinois is doing all it can to ensure that Chicago has the highest murder rate in the nation - or something. How does this make any sense to anyone? Only a bureaucrat could believe that this will have any impact on anything.

Why does anyone live in this state?

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