Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“Why Aren't You Smiling?”

I have been running the usual errands the past few days. Banking. Post Office. Grocery shopping. Everywhere I go, the folk's behind the counter, working in the deli, whatever, want to know why I'm not smiling.

The short answer is that life sucks right now. Big time.

Don't talk to me as if your smile, and the fact that you are having a good day or a good week could in anyway rub off on me. Trust me. You are not going to cheer me up in the 2 minutes that we interact. There is too much stuff going on in my life right now. Just cash my check, or give me my half-pound of sliced ham and STFU. (God, I hate small town America.)

I don't want to hear about your new drink special, I just want my f#*king large coffee with no sugar and no cream. If I wanted to talk to you, I would be inside, not in the damn drive-thru.

And no, it is NOT humid. I'm from Florida, we love this kind of weather. Quit complaining. You want to know what humid is, go to Miami or Tampa. Second choice would be Knoxville, TN or anywhere in the Smoky Mountains. (They are as humid as Miami, but less interesting.) There are no hurricanes, no tornadoes, and this area never had any flooding to speak of. Stop talking about the weather, and give my receipt. </rant>

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