Friday, August 29, 2008

Can Someone Tell Me What's Wrong with Our Military?

Barack "Don't Say My Middle Name" Obama keeps talking about "rebuilding" the military. Exactly why is this needed, and on what model is it going to be rebuilt? (And who is advising him that it needs to be rebuilt?)
I will rebuild our military to meet future conflicts. [note - it is on page 2 of that article Z-Deb.]
I didn't notice is was falling apart. Silly me.

Is he going to "rebuild" the military in the same way that Bill Clinton "rebuilt" our intelligence services?

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knottysailor65 said...

Speaking from an insiders point of view (I am a Sergeant in the Army) I can tell you most emphatically that, yes, the military is broken. I first joined in 1983, in the days when discipline, honor, respect and duty were instilled (sometimes in a rather fearful manner) in recruits in Basic training and that conditioning held. To this day I still have a block in my brain that will not allow me to talk back to a superior in anything less than a respectful manner, no matter what my brain may be yelling at me to say. Sadly, such things as discipline, honor and pride seem to have taken a back seat to sensitivity training and endless classes on sexual harassment. It takes a completely different mindset to be a Soldier than it does to be a Civilian and that's what most Civilians don't realize. That takes a degree of training which, to the "CIVILIZED" mind may seem brutal and harsh but, I assure you, it is necessary.
Now, I'm not sure just what changes they are talking about but I CAN assure you that, as I write this reply several years after your original post, any changes that may have been made have been for the worse. I could fill several pages with specific details but I won't belabor my point. Suffice it to say that, yes, the military is horribly broken. Sadly, I don't see an effective fix any time in the near future. I pray for this country but I don't have much hope for it.

One Frustrated Sergeant in Kuwait