Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catholic League, the Democratic Convention and Gay Blogs

I have been trying to put together a post on this kerfuffle, that wouldn't get all the Catholics complaining about anti-Catholic bias. Not sure if I succeeded or not. Time will tell.

Catholic Activist Wants Gay Bloggers Banned from Dem Convention :: EDGE Boston It seems Bill Donahue has his knickers in a twist over a couple of gay blogs covering the convention. Towelroad draws his ire because it is "a blog with homosexual tendencies" (that's how they describe themselves) and it has published picture of men in jock straps. I guess CNN is OK because it keeps the pictures of women in their underwear (er - swimsuits) in Sports Illustrated segregated to one part of their website.

Oh, and Bitch Ph.D is actually written by a pro-choice Catholic. [Update: I should have said "written in part by a pro-choice Catholic."]

Personally I don't care for pictures of men in their underwear - sports related or otherwise. But I do think angry feminists with their hair on fire - a description of Bitch Ph.D that applies at least some of the time - are very entertaining. (As of this writing, Bitch Ph.D has her hair on fire over, you guessed it, Bill Donahue.) But then I still miss The Lesbian Avengers.

I mean, a bunch of bare-chested lesbians eating fire was not something you saw everyday!

Insults are a funny thing. I get upset as much as the next person. My only concern is that everyone be treated with equal disdain. That glad state - where we are all flinging mud at one another with impunity - doesn't exist. Can't insult racial or ethnic minorities. A handful of religions are off limits - though Bill does seem to have a point that Catholics aren't on that list. GLBT folks and groups can be insulted depending on the venue. (And conservatives of any flavor can always be attacked by the Democrats without any repercussions.)

Instead of trying to even the playing field by insisting no one insult "us" - whichever "us" you fall into - we should be working to restore freedom of speech. And yes, freedom of speech must include the right to say things that upset you and me. And you have the right to be upset and to point out how those doing the insulting are cretins, or impugn the honor of their mothers or whatever. Otherwise you are only free to say government-approved things. (And think government-approved thoughts.) I don't see freedom happening anytime soon, however.

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