Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cops Taser Kid with Broken Back | Colorado's Online News Leader | Family says police Tasered teen 19 times after he fell 30 feet He wasn't complying with their orders. He fell 30 feet. Broke his back, and his heel. He was probably in shock.

Exactly what orders were they giving him?

Cops say it was all for his own good. Of course the use of the taser delayed surgery to fix his back, but hey, a kid with a broken back - who probably can't move - he could be a threat. Couldn't he?

Anybody who doesn't say "How high?" when a cop says jump, is likely to be dumped out of a wheel chair or exposed to the business end of a taser. 19 times? The spokesman for the department actually defends this action. Welcome to the police state. (Video News Report here.)

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