Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fraud is such an ugly word

3rd Chicago cop charged in insurance fraud case :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES I mean is it a crime to defraud insurance companies? Apparently a cop didn't think so.
On Tuesday, prosecutors charged Chicago Police Officer ... with setting up a scheme to make it look as if someone had stolen his 1996 green Volkswagen Passat.
He had it towed to what I can only guess is a chop shop, and had it sold in pieces.

His lawyer had an interesting statement.
"I expect we will be able to resolve [the cop's] matter short of trial," his lawyer ... said. "[This cop] is a fundamentally good man who is going to confront his problems directly and honestly."
Translation from the legalese: The "system" will apply a separate set of rules to a cop, and he will get a great plea deal, that won't include much more than community service. It won't be the first time cops had separate rules.

I'm sorry, but even in Chicago, a "fundamentally good man" does not conspire to defraud his insurance company by faking the stealing of his car, and collecting both the four grand insurance payment as well as whatever the parts from the car brought. I think that's tantamount to breaking the "Thou Shall Not Steal" commandment. (I could be wrong. I actually prefer the Ten Prohibitionary Precepts from Zen - "Refrain from taking that which is not given.") The terms "thief" or "liar" come to mind, but not "good man." It's hard to tell, though, because most of the rules seem to be different in Chicago.

This is number 3 in the net. First and second have been covered. You should expect more.

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