Saturday, August 02, 2008

Funny This Isn't Being Shouted From the Rooftops

Gallup: McCain & Obama tied at 44% - On Politics - As a result of my current care-giver-roll, I watch a lot of television news. If the numbers had been going in the other direction, this would be all you would see all day long.

But an Obama advantage of 9 points evaporates in one week, and you can see it buried, mostly.
This is not much different from the results reported in Gallup Poll Daily tracking on Thursday, when the two were nearly tied with 45% for Obama and 44% for McCain. However, it is a substantial turnaround from earlier this week when Obama held a statistically significant lead coming off his high-profile trip to Europe, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.
A statistical advantage turns to a statistical dead heat. The same poll, the same methodology.

At the same time, The Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll also shows a statistical tie. With Obama "enjoying" a statistically insignificant lead of 44 to 43%. (Or 47 to 46% if add the category of people who have not decided but are leaning toward a certain candidate.)

The number of people identifying as democrat are down, and a few other trends are not really moving in Barack "Don't Say My Middle Name" Obama.

Should we expect the news organizations to report this news? Maybe in a perfect world, but in the biased news environment we live with, I for one am not surprised.

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