Monday, August 18, 2008

I Don't See Many Stories Like This One

Police: Woman Kills Boyfriend In Self-Defense - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans Domestic Violence that has a happy ending - or as happy as I can imagine.

A couple with a history of domestic violence. He wants to start the cycle up one more time.
Sunday morning, police said, Beal was inside her apartment when Paul called her threatening physical violence and saying he was coming over.

Paul arrived and forced his way inside, police said. Beal told police that Paul attacked her, so she fired two shots at him.
He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Not a happy ending. But the violent attacker is dead, and his intended victim is alive. I'll take it over the murder/suicides any day of the week.

Police have not arrested her, because her actions were justified. Self-defense is a human right, and your legal right.

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