Monday, August 11, 2008

Innocent Men

The Associated Press: DNA testing clearing men convicted of crimes Too many instances of people having been convicted on the basis of eye-witness testimony and later cleared by DNA.

Marvin Anderson - served 15 years
Ronald Cotton - served 10 years
Stephan Cowans - served 5 ½ years
Larry Fuller - served 19 ½ years
William Gregory - served 7 years

All these cases - and others of course. What about those people where no DNA evidence exists?

Justice is blind. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" doesn't mean we always get it right, but the amount of times things go wrong leaves me feeling cold. We should at least try to do a better job. Of course the fact that all these men are black, and the victims were white just adds to the consternation. One was sentenced to 210 years. (Does that even make sense? Oh, yeah, I forget that a year in the criminal justice system isn't always a year.)

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