Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it a slow news day?

Tropical depressions could form in Atlantic - Yahoo! News One the surface, without even looking at the article, the headline is a joke.

It is hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean. Tropical waves are coming off the African coast. That is perhaps the most common feature of hurricane season.

So yes the waves could turn into depressions, and the depressions could turn into tropical storms and the storms could turn into hurricanes. But that is a lot of "could" even for the weather prediction industry.

It "could" be that any storm or even any depressions would move in a direction that won't threaten the US (or the oil platforms). And even if they do, it will be a week or so before we know.

So, unless you (or the financial analysts the story is actually about) have vacation plans in the Windward or Leeward Islands any time soon, don't worry about it.

If you live in hurricane country, you should already have all of the supplies you need to board up (metal shutters or hurricane windows!) and either bug out or ride it out. Water - bottled water lasts a while, but there 5 gallon plastic Jerrycans specifically for water available for a reasonable price. Tap water and filter is better than bottled water anyway. Do you really need to import water from Fiji or France? Meds, food, etc. should have been in place before the season started. And plans.

This is just another example of the weather industry hyping disaster. It isn't the only one. The truly amazing thing is that no one expects these "potential storms" to generate a disaster. That is stretching the envelope a bit. I guess weather hysteria pays someone's bills.

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