Friday, August 15, 2008

It didn't take Fox News long to be obnoxious

Shame on FOX News, Ian Drew - Washington Blade They used derogatory epithets toward the transgender woman who will be on "America's Top Model."

They apparently think insulting people is funny. Would it be funny to us the "N-word?" It is so unfunny, we can't even write it without being vilified. But I guess "some animals are more equal than others," when it comes to who you can and can't insult. Faggot. Queer (though we mostly own that one now, thanks to "We're here, we're queer, ...") Dyke. (likewise ownership - "Dykes to Watch Out For" or Dykes on Bikes.") I wonder if epithets aimed at religious minorities would seem funny to Fox News?

So maybe someone at Fox can come up with a list of minority groups that it is OK to insult, and those you can't insult. Because I am pretty sure what would happen if they were bandying the "n-word" around on any given afternoon. Heads would roll, or at least apologies would be forthcoming.

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