Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Seems There Are Two Justice Systems in Boston

JusticeOne for cops, and one for everyone else. Panel faults police misconduct cases - The Boston Globe
The panel said it found instances in which investigators drew conclusions without facts to support them, did not try hard enough to contact potential witnesses, and, in many instances, used leading questions while interviewing complainants or officers. It said the other 14 cases were handled appropriately.
In other words, the conclusions were drawn before the investigation began - cops are not guilty, even when they are.

The failure rate is pretty high.
Of 19 individual cases of alleged officer misconduct that the department's civilian review board scoured, it recommended that five, or about 26 percent, should be reinvestigated because they either were not thoroughly looked into or because the citizens who lodged the complaints were treated unfairly.
Those 19 cases don't constitute the whole of the complaints, just those that were reviewed. There were 144 complaints in the time-frame studied, and 81 were dismissed. 15 resulted in some discipline, and the rest are pending.

I'm sure most cops are decent people. But not all of them are. And when citizens complain, it is really shocking to find that cops side with their own?

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