Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Left-wing drek on the Pink Pistols

Windy City Times - Views: Can gun-toting solve gay-bashing? On some levels this manages to be a fair description of the Pink Pistols, a gay/lesbian friendly group of shooters who advocate legal self-defense.

But mostly it is the warmed-over Left-wing certainty that self-defense can't possibly work.
However, guns will never be the great equalizer for an embattled group. They may, for a fleeting moment, deter our enemies but they will never permanently protect us from them.
What will permanently protect any persecuted minority from a majority? Why the state of course.

The piece the author misses is that guns are only there for that instant when social order fails. When a woman meets a rapist, when a Jew meets and antisemite, when a gay meets a basher the state isn't there to protect you. (And in some cases the duly-appointed representative of the state - the cop - isn't going to help the situation.) In that instant, faced with an imminent threat, self-defense is morally justified (and legally recognized in most jurisdictions.)

But the state-loving-Left doesn't like to dwell on those instances when the state fails. We can end crime through midnight-basketball. We can stop rape by having candle-light vigils once a year. We can stop hate by passing anti-thought laws. (Make no mistake, hate crimes law make certain thoughts punishable.)

The truth is, that self-defense works. Very often.

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