Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life Would Be So Much Easier if Gays Stayed In the Closet

The Juggle - : When Should a Gay Teen "Come Out?" The advice - wait until college.
don’t recall any openly gay students during my middle and even high-school years, so I have a hard time imagining how I’d guide a 13 or 14-year-old through what must be a tremendously difficult and confusing period. I might counsel them to wait until college
This is followed by a grudging admission it might not be fair.

I mean if everyone (you included) is coming to terms with sexuality, but yours doesn't mesh with the bigoted masses, just hide. This attitude is what makes Jr High and High School a living hell. (Did you have any friends kill themselves in high school? or after?)

Don't confront the bullies and their parents. (... it ain't just a river in Egypt.) Certainly don't expect the teachers/administrators/educators to confront them. Just hide, be average, blend in. Think 1950s-style thoughts. And if you are unhappy well, we can't upset the social order of high school. Equality is OK, as long as some animals people are more equal than others.

Wait to live your life until you move away from that gods-forsaken small town. Don't ask the small town to change. Don't expect the good, religious people of the town to stop the harassment - not even when it becomes physical in nature. (They don't hate you, they just hate everything you stand for.) If they take any action, it will fall under the heading of "Blame the Victim." Or possibly "Ostracize the Outcast even More!" (If someone gets shot, then you can expect them to take some action after the fact. It will be pointless and too late.)

So no gays should come out in high school. Don't live a life true to yourself. Lie to your friends, family teachers. Be a good little drone. Don't make waves. Life will be easier - at least for everyone else.

Sometimes conservatives just make me want to scream.

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