Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Reason for the Average Citizen of NJ to have a gun

Oh my! Bear incidents growing | Daily Record | Daily Record Just bears.
The latest statistics from the state Department of Environmental Protection, obtained by the Daily Record this past week, show bear damage and nuisance incidents have gone up by 84 percent within the past year. Almost all of those incidents are in the northwestern part of the state.

The most dangerous incidents, those involving home entries, aggressive behavior and significant property damage, have more than doubled. And the state recorded 50 of those types of incidents within the past month, a four-fold increase from the same period last year.
No reason that the good citizens of New Jersey need guns.

I wonder how long before someone is seriously injured or worse. 50 incidents of aggressive behavior in one month. How many months before those incidents turn into tragedy? Do the powers-that-be in New Jersey care? They love gun control more than they love people.

Of course, New Jersey killed the idea of a bear hunt because the bleeding hearts felt bad about the poor bears? I wonder what they will say when someone is injured. The government wants non-lethal methods of population control. This means they will dump large amounts of contraceptives in bear country. (If not done by a government, it would probably violate some environmental law.)

Consider that
another [bear] was killed in Parsippany when it kept coming back to a park where children were picnicking.
That is a tragedy waiting to happen. At least the authorities are taking it somewhat seriously. Just not doing anything reasonable.

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