Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Police Can Destroy Your Life, Even if You are Innocent

Drug Task Force falsely arrests 2 separate people : Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel Some of this seems hard to believe. The level of incompetence is mind boggling.
According to Delius, Yates had never lived at the house in White Pine where authorities said she met Seals. Her timecards from the factory showed she was working during the times the drug transactions took place. Also, the voice of the woman on the tape was clearly not hers, Delius said.
All charges were dropped after 9 months. After she lost her job - drug free workplaces won't keep accused drug dealers - and had to declare bankruptcy. Not even an apology.

Your innocence, your complete lack of any criminal record is no guarantee that your life won't be ruined by the War on (Some) Drugs. [h/t Glenn R.]

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