Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Observations

1. Real Life™ sucks. Not in the least because it leads to sporadic blogging.

2. Mid-western drivers think they drive safely. But they don't. In Florida, we at least are up front with our need to go through yellow lights. (Yellow lights are MUCH longer in Florida.) But I slowed down to go through a school zone, and almost got hit from behind. Not one driver (aside from me and the 2 cars behind me) even pretended to slow down.

3. August in the Midwest is not supposed to be characterized by a complete lack of humidity, cool evening breezes, generally cooler weather. These are supposed to be the "dog days of summer."

4. When people are sitting in their SUVs, waiting in the grocery store parking lot, running the AC on a day that isn't even that hot, I don't want to talk about how gasoline is too expensive. (Don't even mention the way they drive....)

5. Certainly the fact that the Chicago Cubs are still in first place is a sign of the apocalypse. Or maybe it is just a result of global warming.

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