Monday, August 11, 2008

Self-defense in the Face of Armed Robbery

It works!

Breaking news - Don't give up seems to be the moral of the story.
Manny Manolas, 41, told police that he and Clary Manolas, 63, were closing up Manny's Pizza at 487 S. Nova Road at about 11:40 p.m. Sunday when a man wearing a towel or a T-shirt over his head emerged from the bushes near Manolas' car, according to a report. The stranger brandished a gun and said, "Give me the bag and your money," according to the report.

But Manolas wasn't about to surrender his cash and his receipts.

He pulled out his own weapon, a .357 magnum revolver, and shot at the man, who ran toward a furniture store nearby, the report shows.
And I love the choice of firearm.

Self-defense is not only a human right, it is not only your legal right (at least in places like Florida), it also just plain works.

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