Wednesday, August 06, 2008

They Still Don't Like Self-defense

Global eye to be kept on abusers -- So, the People's Republic of Illinois will now track domestic violence abusers who violate a restraining order.

They admit that "authorities" can't respond before a crime. But let a stalked person defend themselves? Let mere civilians carry effective means of self-defense? Let people rely on themselves, not make them depend on the state? We can't have that in the People's Republic of Illinois. Mayor Dumbbell Daley would not approve. (Hell, his knickers are in a knot over the idea of law-abiding citizens owning firearms. His head will probably explode if Illinois ever permits concealed carry.)

Even their terminology is telling.
The prosecutor who tried to protect Bischof called the measure "a powerful tool that will help us in the future protect our victims."
How about devising a system where they are free to stop being victims? No, that would lead to all that self-reliance stuff that Mayor Dumbbell hates so much.

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