Sunday, September 07, 2008

Chicago Cops Don't Want You to Know Where They Are

Police union rips moves to tighten reins on cops :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES The subtitle of the piece reads as follows.
GPS IN SQUAD CARS | Changes 'going to drive morale into the toilet'
Among other things, the union that represents Chicago cops doesn't like the fact that new squad cars will report where the officers are.
Chicago's police union is upset that officers will be asked to give up their DNA at crime scenes -- and that GPS will be used to track every cop's car.
They give their fingerprints so that they can be ruled out if the visit a crime scene. You can argue the DNA, and I will listen. But the city - the citizens, who own the vehicles - have a right to install GPS tracking.

Unless they are doing something wrong...
Donahue also bristled at the department's move to equip every cop car with global positioning systems. The technology allows the department to know exactly where an officer's vehicle is at any time.

Police officials said the move will boost officers' safety. Emergency dispatchers will know exactly where to send cars to assist a cop in distress, police officials said.

But rank-and-file cops feel the GPS devices are a way for the department to watch their every move and discipline them for not being where they're supposed to be.
So, they basically admit to being where they're not supposed to be. Where are they? What are they doing? And why don't they want anyone to know? Well, it is Chicago, after all.

GPS tracking. Video surveillance. Police should be tracked, recorded, photographed. What do they have to hide?

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