Saturday, September 06, 2008

Chicago More Dangerous than a War Zone - 125 Shot Dead In Chicago Over Summer In addition to the 125 dead, 247 people were shot and wounded. This all from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

During the same period 65 US service members were killed in Iraq. About the same number died in Afghanistan.

So, should we withdraw from Chicago, it clearly being a situation we can't win? Just asking.

Chicago police dispute the numbers. Though they didn't provide any details. They are worried that some of the murders will be reclassified as justified. Can there be a justified shooting in a city where guns are virtually outlawed?
Violent crime reports available on the [Chicago Police] department's website do not break down shootings by month. However, the latest report shows that the murder in the city is up 18 percent from last year. From January-July, the department reports 291 people were murdered, compared with 246 for the same period in 2007.
I just find it curious that for all of the gun control, most of it completely stupid, the folks in Chicago can't fight crime.

Of course I don't think the Daley Machine really wants things to change much. The current situation feeds the fears that keep the Dems in office.

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