Friday, September 26, 2008

Chris Rock Must Be Vegetarian

Political Punch: Chris Rock on Alcee Hastings on Sarah Palin
ROCK: Every time I see her with a dead moose, I'm like, why is Michael Vick in jail? Isn't killing animals bad?
So having a hamburger - creating a market for dead beef cattle - is bad? Ditto, chicken fingers, beef burritos, Peking Duck, etc. etc.

Sorry, but dog-fighting isn't illegal because killing animals is "bad." It is illegal because it is cruel.

I do agree with Rock that this guy Alcee Hastings sounds pretty crazy, until you realize that he is just parroting the standard anti-gun-owner bias. According to Hastings - and the Left generally - gun owners are biased, and in Hastings's view that is especially true against blacks and jews. (Stereotype much Mr. Hastings?) Sort of surprised he didn't through in gays as well.

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