Friday, September 26, 2008

Exactly How Are They Supposed to Defend Themselves?

D.C.'s Gay Community Tackling Hate, Homophobia|NewsChannel 8 It seems DC is a city with a lot of hate. The usual suspects are calling for the usual response. They want the police to make it safe.

Some people do recognize that the police can only do so much.
Others say gay men should protect themselves
Exactly how should they do this? Self-defense is all but illegal in Washington, DC. I think DC should legalize concealed carry and all these potential victims should arm themselves, because I doubt the police are going to do anything effective in the long run. Not that I don't like police, but my guess is that DC cops are stretched - like a lot of big city cops - and can't "run patrols" around gay bars on a regular basis.

Not that this much sanity will ever envelop either Washington, DC generally or the majority of gay community therein. Expect candle-light vigils, marches, and all the stuff the Left usually does when they don't want to do anything that would actually make a difference. A chorus of Kumbaya anyone?

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