Friday, September 26, 2008

How Does a 65-year-old Defend Himself from a Young Thug?

Shot Dead: Suspected Burglar Fatally Wounded By Homeowner If he lives in a freedom-loving place, he uses a firearm.
Police say a 65-year-old homeowner on St. Clair was awakened by the sound of someone breaking into an attached section of his house.

He went downstairs to investigate and saw signs that his house was being burglarized. He returned upstairs, got dressed and grabbed his gun.
After a confrontation, the homeowner shot the goblin.

It only took a day for powers-that-be decided that self-defense is legal in Ohio. Prosecutor's Office: Cleveland homeowner not charged for fatally shooting burglar Prosecutors usually take longer, because they always hope to be able to prosecute someone for something. Justice? What would Justice have to do with anything?

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