Sunday, September 14, 2008

An interesting view of Nashville

Newcomers determined to revitalize E. Nashville | The Tennessean Found this story on my usual search, and although it isn't typical, it is interesting.

People move to an area where they can get affordable, Victorian houses. There is an interesting "art vibe" going on. There is also crime. So some of the residents and business people are armed.
Rick Rider acknowledges the neighborhood has improved but he still carries a gun to work at the market he has operated on South 19th Street for the past decade.

Rider, an East Nashville native, has been robbed four times since his store opened, although nothing's happened in the past five years. That's partly because people know about his gun, and his store has bulletproof glass. But it's also because the neighborhood has gotten better, he said.
Police are quick to acknowledge several factors in the improvement, but not armed citizens, and I am sure improved policing has helped. So have citizens helping the police to push the criminals out.

It may not be the greatest article, but it is certainly more upbeat than most of the stuff I come across.

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