Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Left Coast Stupidity

Kern County town learns the why of 'Don't feed the bears' - Los Angeles Times Feed wild animals, and they lose their fear of humans. If those animals are dangerous predators, you "gift" of excess food will usually end in a death sentence for the animal. (Assuming they don't kill someone first.)
Today, Susie Kramer feels terrible. "I was actually giving the bear a death sentence," she said. "I thought I was loving them by feeding them."
In Florida this is often a story about a gator, and every once in a while it is about a gator that attacked someone before it was killed. And quite frequently there are dead pets involved.

The bear problem out west is not small.
Up in the Lake Tahoe area, the Bear League, a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting bears, reports that it gets between five and 20 calls a day about bears entering homes.
That's a lot of calls.

People need to regain the common sense our great-grandparents had. Wild animals may be cute, but they are often dangerous, and feeding them is usually a bad idea.

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