Thursday, September 04, 2008

A nice article on a concealed carry instructor

Cop teaches gun class GRAND COUNTY, Colorado — The firearms classes he offers are not through the Kremmling Police Department, but Bob Dillon’s experience as a police officer is beneficial to his students | VailDaily.comNo surprise you don't see this in the Left-stream media.

More than twice as many students this year as last.
“A reason for the sudden increase of numbers could be because people are concerned that the concealed weapon law could alter after the presidential election. Democrats have always favored gun control, Dillon said.
All politics are local.
About a quarter of his classes are attended by women. People from all occupations sign up, including doctors, lawyers, judges, construction workers and students, he said.
It is nice to see firearms, gun owners, and firearm instructors portrayed in a positive light.

And Mr. Dillon gets a "Quote of the Day" reference.
“I just believe in armed citizens,” he said. “I always have and always will.”
Hat tip to NRA-ILA]

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