Saturday, September 13, 2008

No prison time for ex- cop

The Reporter: No prison time for ex-Oak Lawn cop Funny how they seem to squeak by on stuff like this. Cops and ex-cops that is.
A former Oak Lawn police officer who racked up more than 30 criminal charges last year for allegedly extorting money from Hispanic motorists, then had a felony possession of a controlled substance charge added to his resume after being arrested in June, was sentenced last week to two years of probation.
That controlled substance was heroin. Somehow I don't think that the average citizen would get probation for a drug charge like that. And cops should be held to a higher standard. (When a cop is the victim of crime, the penalties are increased. What should happen when the cop is the criminal?)

He was arrested on the heroin charge while he was out on bond.
Harrison was free at the time on $100,000 bond from previous charges that included 23 counts of official misconduct, five counts of theft by deception and three counts of intimidation for allegedly shaking down Hispanic motorists during his 16 months as an Oak Lawn police officer.
All of this comes down to 2 years probation. 2 years of prison would not have been enough to see justice done. But then cops don't live by the same rules as everyone else.

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