Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not Everyone with a Gun is a Bad Guy

Homeowner mistakenly shot by police in Phoenix crime spree Police show up at a home with an active home invasion and shoot the homeowner. Good thing they aren't very good shots.
A homeowner involved in a confrontation with a burglar was mistakenly shot by police responding to a call at an east Phoenix home Wednesday night.

The 35-year-old homeowner came out of a room into a hallway carrying a gun as police ordered everyone out of the house, at 3126 E. Flower, Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. Officers, seeing an individual with a gun, fired numerous rounds, striking him multiple times, he said.
Because if you aren't a cop, you have no business having a gun, right?

The homeowner's injuries aren't considered to be life threatening.

This doesn't qualify as jack-booted thuggery, just as stupidity.

The cop who started the whole thing has been put on administrative leave - no word on whether he is being paid or not. Somehow I don't think that is quite what would have happened to me.

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