Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not That Self-defense is an Option

“They hit me so bloody hard ... I didn’t deserve this” Canada disarms everyone. In particular they disarm people who are targeted for hate crimes.

Two gay men holding hands in a gay district. The rednecks can't allow that. (I won't call them Christians, but I really doubt the assailants were Wiccan.)
One of the assailants had sucker-punched Smith in the jaw, cleanly breaking it in three places.

Instantly knocked out, he fell back, smacking his head on the pavement.
How would you like to spend the next 6 weeks with your jaw wired shut? (With a wire-cutter on hand in case you choke on something.)

One thing they get right, the cowardly nature of gay-bashers.
It's not going to be one on one. It's always five on one. They'll always have the numbers because they're cowards.
None of this will send a message to Canada that perhaps they should consider allowing people to defend themselves. Or enable them to, since I don't think they have quite the anti-self-defense stance of the UK.

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