Friday, September 12, 2008

Restraining Order Doesn't Stop Shooting

Shooting Ruled Attempted Murder-Suicide Orders of Protection offer little protection. Restraining Orders generally fail to restrain unwelcome behavior. This is one of those cases.

A man with a restraining order shot his wife (she had filed for divorce and gotten a restraining order) and then shot and killed himself. A 19-year-old had also been tied to a bed but was apparently not injured.

She had been stripped of the means of self-defense, because he had gotten a restraining order against her in July. (They are way too easy to get without cause being shown.)

He is dead, and she is in the hospital. At least he didn't succeed in the murder portion of the murder/suicide.

If you think you need a restraining order, you also need a plan for you personal safety, since "the system" cannot protect you. Of course when the system aids your stalker by stripping you of the most effective means of defense, you need a Plan B of some kind.

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