Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Progressive Community Has Problems

Oak Park, IL Cuts Police Protection and Keeps Handgun Ban as Armed Robberies Continue |� Oak Park is a great place to visit, and although I lived there briefly in the 1980s, I wouldn't live there now. (If you are in Chicago in the spring, it is worth visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum and taking the walking tour. Try the ribs at Robinson's Ribs, or Eriks's Deli on Oak Park Ave for good sandwiches.)

The village - it's a legal thing in IL - is strapped for cash, cutting back on police, (officers are also leaving on their own) and fighting a legal battle to hold onto their handgun ban. And experiencing a 250% increase in robberies. (Though that may be the effect of small numbers at work.)

Still to be cutting back on police protection while spending taxpayer money to defend a law as outrageous as the DC ban makes little sense to me. I'm sure it makes sense to a Stalinist Progressive.

On an unrelated note... you can file this under "Isn't that Ironic!" <b id=red>Updated 9/10:</b> Oak Park fire truck catches fire :: River Forest Leaves Not as bad as having the fire station burn down. Not quite.

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