Friday, September 05, 2008

Tree Huggers Cause Plane Crash

Environmental rules 'could cause plane crashes' - Telegraph Well, maybe not quite that definite, but there is a possibility.

In case you hadn't heard, it seems that the British Airways jet crash 'caused by ice in engines' This was the crash earlier this year that was caused when both engines just stopped.

The fuel had water in it. It all does, and this fuel complied with international standards. So why the fuel line freeze? It was cold, but it was London. London doesn't get as cold as Minneapolis. So why this problem now? Why not in Alaska, or Minnesota or somewhere truly cold. Maybe, maybe, environmental rules.
These rules need to be looked at again. Fuel flow is an import factor in the safe running of an aircraft engine."

With reduced burn, that means that less fuel is circulating, which makes it easier for water to separate and turn into ice.
That from David Reynolds, head of safety at the pilots' union Balpa.

You see, in order to be 'green' pilots have been instructed to cut down on fuel flow. And I'm sure the bean counters were happy to save a dollar (or a pound) on fuel costs.

Road. Hell. Good intentions.

The world is not a simple place. The problems we have don't have simple solutions, and anyone who says the solutions are simple is either lying, intellectually challenged, or they just don't care. I wouldn't hazard a guess in this case, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that at least some environmentalists are not disturbed by a few planes falling out of the sky.

Everybody on the flight mentioned here, survived. If the engines failed in a different place, at a different altitude, the outcome may have been very different. Something else to think about on that next business trip.

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