Monday, September 22, 2008


Alaska Legislature Breaks Own Rules Pursuing Palin Why does everything have to end in "gate?" Can we get past that? I suppose not, since whenever the Press seems to want to bring people down, they try to invoke Watergate.

Why was the "Commissioner of Public Safety" removed? Well, for a couple of reasons. First he failed to fire a trooper.
First, a little background on the investigation is in order. According to the Department of Public Safety, the trooper in question used a department-issued Taser on the governor's 10-year-old nephew, operated his marked squad car while drinking alcohol, illegally shot a moose cow and was subject to a domestic violence restraining order. He also allegedly threatened to make Mrs. Palin's father "eat a f------g lead bullet." Despite these findings and allegations, this trooper has not been fired. Amazingly, he is currently stationed in the governor's home community.
Color me surprised that a cop behaving badly is still on the job. THAT never happens.

Just on the surface, I would say this guy needs to be fired. I would definitely say he needs to be transferred to another location. But that's me.

Then the Commissioner refused to implement budget cuts.
Undercutting the investigation further, recently disclosed communications between the governor's office and the former commissioner transparently reflect that the real reason he was removed from his position was due to his insubordinate refusal to implement the governor's budgetary and fiscal policies. For example, on Dec. 6, 2007, the commissioner called a press conference in support of his expansive budgetary plan, a plan that was directly at odds with the governor's policies. Two months later, he released a letter to the governor advocating for additional funds for items that the governor previously vetoed.

Despite warnings, this at-will political appointee continued to work outside of the governor's budgetary vision for the state. His insubordination culminated with a planned July visit to the congressional delegation in Washington, designed to secure funding for a program that the governor had not yet approved. Shortly thereafter, the governor offered the commissioner another position in the administration, but he chose to resign instead.
I'm sorry, but if an "at will" employee political appointee refuses to do what the boss says, that employee should be out. If he didn't like Gov. Palin's policy, he should run for office himself, not try to do an end run around her.

When caught, no one should cry foul. So the "New Politics" of the Obama Campaign turn out to be the same old politics of the Chicago Machine. Lies, and Damn Lies.

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