Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Would Police Not Collect Evidence in an Assault?

An assault that resulted in a hospitalization that is?

Well, it couldn't have anything to do with the victim being gay, could it? Cops don't hate gays, do they? MyFox Washington DC | Victim Speaking Out Against Anti-Gay Attacks
One of the attackers left his cell phone behind during the attack, and the phone had the suspect's picture on it, but Metrokin says it took weeks for DC Police to come take the phone as evidence.

The attack was three months ago, but Metrokin is just now coming forward because he says he's frustrated that no suspects had been named or arrested.
Of course the police say they have a suspect. Well if the guy delivers his photo and cell phone, I should hope you have a suspect. The real question is why you haven't made an arrest.

I have always said that I don't like the idea of hate crimes, but I do understand why they are in existence. Not all crimes are treated with equal urgency by police. In some cases, calling the police will make a bad situation worse. If every cop treated every assault as a serious crime, instead of what the [FILL IN THE MINORITY OF CHOICE] deserved, we wouldn't have hate crime laws. But that isn't the way police always work. To be frank, some cops don't think beating up gays is a crime. Most are probably decent enough, but not all are - or have been.

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