Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cooperation? It Doesn't Make You Safe

MyFox Philadelphia | Barbershop Owner Speaks About Fatally Shooting Armed Robber The Left loves the mantra, "Cooperate with criminals and you will safe." They never like to bring up what women should do when confronted by a rapist, however.

But that mantra is just plain false.

Here is a case where a shop-owner was closing up and is robbed by a thug. His 9-year-old son is in the shop, so he cooperates. The robber's reaction to being handed all the money? "This is not enough."

First he leaves, but then he comes back, so the shop-owner knows he and his son are in trouble.
Suddenly, [the goblin] walked out but quickly returned while Cross was trying to lock up.

"So, I'm thinking, 'What do I do? … So I pull my handgun … and as he comes right up on me, I grab him by his collar, and I put him against the wall. … He puts his gun into my midsection, and I have a split second to think about what to do, and I had to make a choice. … My choice was, 'I'm either going to die. He's going to shoot me and potentially my child is going to be harmed, too.' … So, I shot him in self defense," Cross said.
One dead bad guy. And even the police admit it is self-defense.

Mr. Cross is troubled by what he had to do. "He said the events of Thursday night keep playing over and over again in his mind." But he had to do it. Parents have a moral obligation to defend their children from harm. (That's my opinion, anyway.) And luckily, we also have a legal right to defend ourselves.

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