Saturday, November 01, 2008

Disturbing Allegations

Grand jury weighs sodomy claim against NYPD cops - Yahoo! News If true, it is a serious case.
Mineo claims four officers assaulted him in horrific fashion, yanking down his pants and sodomizing him with a walkie-talkie antenna so brutally that he was left bleeding. He says the officers then put him into a police car, and, unsure what to do with him, let him go with a minor ticket and told him to keep his mouth shut. He spent the next four days in a hospital.
The cops claim this isn't what happened, though the hospital records are a problem. Witnesses on both sides.

No one is proved guilty yet, of course, but this case reminds a lot of people of another brutality case; that one is from 1997.
It has also evoked comparisons to Abner Louima, who was beaten and sodomized with a broomstick in a police precinct by officers in one of the worst cases of brutality in NYPD history.
That case was blamed on racism, because Louima was black, and those officers white. This case has a white victim with black, white and Hispanic officers. (But then my contention is the only that matters most in cases like this is blue; you are either a cop, or you aren't.)

So this is all off to a special grand jury. Those who believe cops no matter what, will believe the cops. Those who hate cops will believe Mineo. Me? I don't automatically trust cops. That's why I think that everything every cop does while on duty should recorded on video - with audio. If they aren't doing anything bad, what do they have to worry about? And they work for us, after all. At least that is supposed to be how it works. If these cops had been on video their whole shift, this wouldn't be an issue. We would either have video that backs them up, or video that sends them to hell. If they conveniently "lost" the video? That would tip the scales to their accuser.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. (See the Cops Behaving Badly list for more posts on cops who don't think the rules apply to them.)

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