Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It Seems That Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

Is it just me, or are a lot of people shocked that Obama was elected? Disregard the polls? Why? Because they were so unhelpful two years ago when the Republicans lost big? Oh, that's right... they weren't wrong then either.

Republicans must be suffering from some form of group denial. They can act like big-spending Democrats, they can nationalize banking (and take a stab at insurance), talk about doing the same to automakers (too big to fail, don't you know!) and then they wonder why people would rather vote for the Democrats.

Also, the entire strategy of the Republicans now seems to be, "we hate gays and gay marriage, we hate evolution we hate abortion and love Jesus." If there is something else that the Republicans stand for, I can't see it. Limited government? The Patriot Act isn't so limited. It may be necessary, but it isn't limited. And then there was the Prescription Drug Entitlement. Yeah, that sounds like the party of small government and balanced budgets. Federalism? The Republicans are in favor of federalism whenever the states make decisions they like. When something like gay marriage comes along - or Teri Shiavo - Federalism goes right out the window in favor of dictating what they like.

So what exactly is it that the Republicans do stand for?

Then McCain runs a campaign that made me think of Bob Dole on more than one occasion, and I thought he looked like Dole a lot the last week or so. Not a good Presidential Candidate to be channeling.

And if you think it is bad now, I expect the self-appointed "core" of the Republican party to seize control and truly make the Republicans the party of religious fanatics. It will be a very long time before anyone thinks of them as the party of fiscal responsibility.

So now we get the nanny state Democrats. Expect to see the 55 MPH speed limit return as part of an energy policy to get us off foreign oil. (Include an exemption for electric vehicles, and that might actually work.) A lot of things will happen when government controls health care. Want health care? Stop smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, cut out red meat, and do whatever else Big Nanny decides is good for you. I don't expect it to be pretty.

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