Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Short Answer is, "Yes!"

Players taking security measures after murders I don't know why these folks think they are immune to the kinds of things that plague the well off all over the world.

It has taken a few high-profile crimes to convince them they need to do something. Of course, they are hamstrung for a good part of their public appearances, since the NFL frowns on self-defense.
"League officials tell us we need to take measures to protect ourselves. But the NFL says we can't have guns in the facility even in the parking lot. Crooks know this. They can just sit back and wait for us to drive off, knowing we won't have anything in our vehicle from point A to point B," says Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger
I wonder if teams provide armed guards for players to-and-from games? Doubt it.

But the question? Dave Abrams, appointed as head of Denver's security, wonders what is next.
What's the next layer? Wives and children: a kid kidnapped for ransom, or some other kind of craziness. I'm scared to death that's where criminals perceive the next vulnerability is for our players: their families.
Of course those people are at risk. And it was nice of Mr. Abrams to point it out.

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