Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Nail in the Coffin

Steele is George Bush reincarnated A lot of ink (and electrons) has been spilled on how Michael Steele is the new GOP. Really? He seems like the old GOP to me.
Yanking a well-worn page from Rove’s playbook, he cynically used same-sex marriage as a wedge issue during his failed 2006 campaign for the U.S. Senate. At a rally, he asserted, oddly, that, “marriage is not a purely human institution.”
You have to assume that he meant it comes down to us from the gods, or something. (Be fair.)

So, how exactly is he any different from the GOP of the last 8 years? He tried (and failed, just like every other GOP challenger) to ride a wave of anti-gay hatered sentiment into office. That sounds like he was a typical Bush/Rove Republican in 2006.

Consider his time in office - or part of it anyway.
The Robert Ehrlich/Michael Steele administration was a four-year aberration for Maryland, characterized by a series of assaults on the rights of gay residents. Activists in Maryland accused Steele of perpetuating the notion that gays can’t be people of faith, noting that while testifying before the General Assembly they were often asked whether or not they believed in God. The statewide gay rights group, Equality Maryland, was labeled a “security threat” by the state police and considered a terrorist group.
Yeah, use the police to intimidate and harass people you have political disagreements with. That is how you make friends and influence people.

As I said before, the current state of the GOP is abhorrent to me. I don't think the GOP will win national elections in my lifetime.

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