Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another of Cop Arrested for (attempted) Blackmail

4th cop charged in tow-truck bribery scam -- This guy even charged interest when his payoffs were late.

And if you were an honest tow-truck driver trying to make a living without paying bribes, you were [expletive deleted].
In the recorded conversations, Akins allegedly boasted that he usually collected bribes on at least 10 cars a week. Akins also described in detail how he arrested another tow-truck driver attempting to take towing jobs that the officer was trying to broker to other drivers, authorities said.

"We're [expletive] him, charging him with all kinds of [expletive]," Akins said on the recording.
10 cars per week at 100 bucks per car ain't a bad living. Somebody call the IRS - I think this guy owes some back taxes.

And you can tell the new guy in charge of the Chicago PD isn't from the city that's home to Blagojevich.
"I expect all of our police officers to uphold the law," Police Supt. Jody Weis said Wednesday.
Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I think I would settle for no officer actually breaking the law as a first step.

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