Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If a Homeowner with a Shotgun, Asks You to Leave...

You might want to consider leaving. Victim was once friends with shooter | Caller-Times I think I might not want to antagonize a pissed-off homeowner with a 12 gauge.
The homeowner told deputies that Minns was pounding on the door of his home on Portia Lane, south of Rockport .

According to the sheriff's department, the homeowner answered the door holding a 12-gauge shotgun and told Minns to leave.

According to statements taken by police, when Minns didn't leave and tried to enter the home, he was shot twice and died at the scene.
Someone tries to break into a home, and forcing your way in applies, then that homeowner has the right to stop you.

This illustrates the "you are more likely to shoot someone you know" issue, and why that is a red herring. The homeowner did know the dead guy. That doesn't mean the shooting wasn't justified. (The investigation is on-going, as the authorities determine if it was justified.) Self-defense applies even against friends (or old-friends-become-enemies), ex-husbands or ex-wives, ex-s of any flavor if they become violent.

Anyway, self-defense is a human right.

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