Saturday, January 31, 2009

It Isn't Only in Chicago

Dallas police chief fires four officers It isn't just in Chicago where cops get up to things that they shouldn't. It is just so easy to find stories about Chicago, I usually get lazy. But Dallas also has some problems. The Chief there fired 4 officers:
• Officer Larry Bankston, for working off-duty security jobs at apartment complexes while skipping his police job and falsely collecting worker’s comp.

• Senior Cpl. Edward Mindieta, for allowing a woman who had been a drug informant access to an apartment he rented at a reduced rate.

• Officer Fernando Perez, for using a department car to drive to and from work after his private vehicle had been repossessed.

• Senior Cpl. Anthony Williams, for failing to respond to an emergency call. Investigators found that he ignored the call while he argued with a former girlfriend.
Two of these guys were fired previous but reinstated.
Police chiefs around the nation have complained for years that officers fired for serious misconduct are frequently returned to the job by civil service boards, administrative law judges or other city officials.
Couldn't be some unions behind those appeals, now, could there? [Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

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